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Custom Tag Libraries in JSP

JSP Exception Handling

JSP plugin

JSP param tutorial with Example

JSP include tutorial with Example

JSP forward tutorial with Example

JSP usebean tutorial with getproperty,setproperty

Standard Actions in JSp and its types

Include Directive tutorial with example in JSP

Taglib Directive tutorial with example in JSP

Page Directives tutorial with example in JSP

Page Directive language tutorial Page Directive import tutorial Page Directive session tutorial Page Directive buffer tutorial Page Directive autoflush tutorial Page Directive isThreadSafe tutorial Page Directive info tutorial  Page Directive...

Directives in JSP and its Types

There are three types of page directive in jsp 1. Page Directive 2. Include Directive 3. Taglib Directive

Implicit Objects in JSP with Example

Implicit object request tutorial Implicit object response tutorial Implicit object out tutorial Implicit object session tutorial Implicit object config tutorial Implicit object application tutorial Implicit object page tutorial Implicit object...

Difference between JSP comment and HTML comments

Html comment can be view on client side browser but jsp comment can be viewed only on server by the developer. Html comment syntax: <!-- html comment goes here --> Jsp comment syntax: <%-- jsp Comment --%>

Comments in JSP

Java comment cannot be used in jsp file, if we need any comment inside the jsp file to describe the code we can use jsp comment. Jsp comment cannot be used by client side. Syntax: <% -- jsp comment -- %>   JSP Files:           CommentExample.jsp: <%@...

Scriptlets in JSP

Scriplets in JSP is used to write all our business logic in jsp itself, but this is a bad idea when we have lot of java codes. Syntax: <% java code goes here %>   JSP Files:             ScriptletExample.jsp: <%@ page language="java"...

Declaration in JSP

Declaration in jsp scripting elements are used to declare variables or to define concrete methods, we can’t do any execution inside this jsp declaration Syntax: <%! Declaration goes here %>   JSP Files:             DeclarationExample.jsp: <%@...

Expression in JSP

  Expression in jsp scripting elements are used to Execute values based on input given, and can be used to display data in browser without using implicit object in jsp. Syntax: <%= expression comes here %>   JSP Files:             ExpressionExample.jsp: <%@...

Scripting Elements in JSP and its types

Scripting elements are used to write the businness logic in java there are four types 1.  Expression 2.  Declaration 3.  Scriptlets 4.  Comments

JSP Building blocks and its types

There are four types of building blocks in jsp 1. Directives 2. Scriptlet 3. Implicit Object 4. JSP standard action