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Dither Signals and Their Effect on Quantization Noise’

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In  this paper,  the conditions  a dither signal must  meet
that  the  quantizer  noise  can  be  considered  independent  of  the
signal are derived  for  a  quantizer  having  a  finite number of  levels.
An  infinite  class of  dither signals which  satisfy  these  conditions  is
given.  It  is  seen  that  the  most  useful member of  this  class  is  one
whose  probability  density function  is uniformly  distributed  over  a
quantizing  interval.  It  is also  shown  that  a  necessary  and sufficient
condition  for  the noise  n(t) to  be  independent  of  the  signal x(t) is
that  a measurable  quantity,  called  the  “D”  factor,  be zero.

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