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Stability Analysis for Cognitive Radio with Multi-Access Primary Transmission

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This letter analyzes the impact, from a network-layer perspective, of having a single cognitive radio transmitter-receiver pair share the spectrum with multiple primary users
wishing to communicate to a single receiver in a multi-access
channel (MAC). In contrast to previous work which assumes
a time division multi-access strategy, here, we assume the set
of primary users simultaneously access the channel to deliver
their packets to a common destination. We derive the symmetric
stable throughput regions, consisting of maximal arrival rates
for primary and secondary (or cognitive radio) users under
two investigated protocols. The first protocol is a conventional
MAC scheme where the primary and secondary nodes operate
independenly. The second protocol corresponds to a multi-access
relay channel (MARC) which exploits user cooperation between
primary and secondary nodes. We prove that cooperation is ben-eficial in the considered MARC as it enables higher throughputs
for both primary and secondary users.

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