8:15 pm - Saturday April 20, 2019

IEEE Projects

JAVA-IEEE Projects

      1. Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization

      2. BIDEC-A Binary-to-Decimal or Decimal-to-Binary Converter*

      3. Color Image Segmentation Based on Mean Shift and Normalized Cuts

      4. Data Mining of Gene Expression Data by Fuzzy and Hybrid Fuzzy Methods

      5. Dither Signals and Their Effect on Quantization Noise’

      6. End-to-End Delay in Wireless Random Networks

      7. High Volume Diagnosis in Memory BIST Based on Compressed Failure Data

      8. Human Visual System-Based Image Enhancement and Logarithmic Contrast Measure

      9. Medical Robotics in Computer-Integrated Surgery

      10. Multiprocessor System-on-Chip (MPSoC) Technology

      11. Opportunity-Based Topology Control in Wireless Sensor Networks

      12. Optimal Spectrum Sensing Framework for Cognitive Radio Networks

      13. Reputation-Based Resource Allocation in P2P Systems of Rational Users

      14. Robust Frequency and Timing Synchronization for OFDM

      15. Routing Algorithms for Content-Based Publish/Subscribe Systems

      16. Survey of Clustering Algorithms

      17. The Automatic Speech Recognition System for Conversational Sound*

      18. Upper Bounds for Dynamic Memory Allocation

      19. Wireless security through RF finger printing S ´ecur it ´e sans fil par une Empreinte digital RF

      20. Multiple Antenna Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radios

      21. Nonlinear MIMO: Affordable MIMO Technology for Wireless Sensor Networks

      22. On the Statistics of Cognitive Radio Capacity in Shadowing and Fast Fading Environments

      23. Opportunistic Scheduling and Spectrum Reuse in Relay-Based Cellular Networks

      24. Opportunistic Spectrum Scheduling for Multiuser Cognitive Radio: A Queueing Analysis

      25. Optimal Multi-Channel Cooperative Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks

      26. Robust Beamforming in Cognitive Radio

      27. Stability Analysis for Cognitive Radio with Multi-Access Primary Transmission