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Struts2 Introduction

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Struts2 Introduction

  • Struts is an application framework for building web based application in java enterprise platform.
  •  Struts was originally developed by Craig McClanahan and donated to  apache foundation in may , 2000.It was formally known as jakarta struts.
  •  Struts come with an open source licence which means it has no cost and it use have free access to all internal source code.
  • Today, the apache struts project offer the two major version of the struts frame work.
  • Struts 2 is a new framework.it is completely new release of the older struts1 framework. Strut2 is very simple compare to struts1.

Why Struts?

1.Action based framework.
2.Interceptor for layering cross-cutting concern away from action logic.
3. Annotation based configuration to reduce or eliminate XML configuration.
4. OGNL: A powerfull extension language to transverse entire frame work.
5. Simplified Actions which are simple POJA. Any java classes with execute method can be used as an action classes.
6. Spring, SiteMesh, hibernate, ajax integration.
7. MVC based tag API that support modifiable and reusable component.
8. Multiple View option.(JSP,Velocity,freemarker,XSLT)
9. Plugin to modify and extent frame work future.
10. Classes are based on interfaces.
11. Ajax based client based validation.

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