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Introduction to JSP

Java Server pages (JSP) is a server side programming language helps to build 
dynamic web based applications.

JSP Building blocks and its types

Scripting Elements in JSP and its types

Expression in JSP

Declaration in JSP

Scriptlets in JSP

Comments in JSP

Difference between JSP comment and HTML comments

Implicit Objects in JSP with Example

Directives in JSP and its Types

Page Directives tutorial with example

Taglib Directive tutorial with example

Include Directive tutorial with example

Standard Actions in JSp and its types

JSP usebean tutorial with getproperty,setproperty

JSP forward tutorial with Example

JSP include tutorial with Example

JSP param tutorial with Example

JSP plugin

JSP Exception Handling

Custom Tag Libraries 

What is a Custom Tag

Types of tags

Components of Custom Tags

TLD(Tag library Descriptor)

Tag handler


Tag Support Class

Tag and body interface

Return types

Types of Actions

Sample programs in Jsp


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