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StringBuilder Example Program for insert(int offset,long l)

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*@author :CandidJava.com
*@descriptions : This program explains the function and use of method insert (int offset, double d) to insert the string representation of the long value argument into this sequence Stringbuilder s1
public class StringInsert5
public static void main(String ar[]) throws Exception
StringBuilder s1=new StringBuilder("MyLongValue:");
                                                       // object created for string builder with content ?MyLongValue:?
long l=999999999;
System.out.println("Before inserted:"+s1);
s1=s1.insert(11,l);       //string representation of long value argument after 11th location
System.out.println("After inserted:"+s1);


Before inserted: MyLongValue:
After inserted: MyLongValue: 999999999


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