As a leading software training provider in Chennai, Candid institute offers Best Core Java training in Chennai. Learn Core concepts of Java from the tutor who has real-time working experience and teaching experience. Candid training offers a sophisticated learning environment for candidates. While Learning Core Java concepts we have supports our candidates for working in live projects throughout the training period. 


Candid’s Core Java training in Chennai assists you to understand the core concepts behind object-oriented programming model and how to use them in real world object. Java Core Training covers the latest syllabus and concepts from JDK 8, JDK 9 and Java 10 updates.

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Why choose candid core java training institute in Chennai:

  • Permanent trainer throughout training. 
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  • post training supports also available.

Course duration: 45 hrs

Core java refreshment session for the Experienced candidate: 8 – 12 hrs (free with java training package)

Course timing :

Weekend (3-6 hrs per day) 

weekdays (2-3 hrs per day).

Candidates can pick fast-track courses if needed.

Core java course content

Java Preview

  • Java Developer Kit

  • Java Virtual machine

  • Java Runtime Environment

  • Just in time Compiler

  • Compiler vs. Interpreter

  • Java bean Standards

  • Advantages and disadvantages of java

  • Java Configuration

Introduction to Java Technologies

  • Operators

  • Data types

  • Control statement

    • If, switch, break, continue, return

  • Looping

    • for, while, do while, for each

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

  • Class

  • Member variable

  • Methods

  • Constructor

  • Inheritance

  • IS-A and Has-A relationship

  • Polymorphism and its types

  • Arrays in java

  • Overloading

    • Method Overloading

    • Constructor Overloading

  • Overriding

    • Method Overriding

  • Encapsulation

  • Abstraction

Access specifiers

  • Public

  • Protected

  • Default

  • Private

Nonaccess specifiers

  •  Static
  •  Final
  •  Abstract
  • Transient

  • Volatile

OOPS continued.

  • Casting

  • Interface

  • Object class


  • Exception handling

  • try, catch, throws, throw, finally

  • User Defined Exception

  • Predefined Exception

  • Real world example with few implementations


  •  Multithreading
  •  Lifecycle
  •  Synchronization
  •  Designing producer consumer example
  •  Exploring java Thread API (join, sleep, threadGroup, yield, isAlive etc..)
  •  Writing read and write locks

Java Concurrency

  • Executor

  • Future

  • Semaphore

  • Wrapper classes

  • String handling

  • StringTokenizer

  • File Handling

  • Serialization

Collections framework

  •  List
  •  Set
  •  Map
  •  Legacy classes
  •  Iterator
  •  List-Iterator
  •  Enumeration
  •  Comparable
  •  Comparator
  •  Cloneable
  •  Overriding toString
  •  Overriding HashCode
  •  Reflection

JDK 1.5 features

  • Generics

  • Enum

  • Boxing and Autoboxing

  • String Builder

  • Enhanced for

  • Annotation

  • Generics

JDK 1.6 features

  • Navigable Map

  • Navigable Set

  • Console

JDK 1.7 features

  • Switch

  • Exception

JDK 1.8 features

  • Lambda Expression

  • Date and Time package

  • API

  • Internationalization

  • Functional interface and interface improvement

JDK 1.9 features

  • Modules

  • JShell

  • Collections stream API improvement

  • JVM improvements and new API improvements

  • Interface improvement

Java 9 new features

  • Modules

  • JShell

  • G1 garbage collector

  • Collection API

Java 10 features

  • Parallel Full GC for G1

  • Local Variable Type Inference

  • Heap Allocation on Alternative Memory Devices

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