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Treeset example programs and Tutorial in java

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1.Basic Treeset Operations Methods

2.Add elements to treeset with List add()

3.Iterate Treeset elements using  Iterator<E> iterator()

4.Remove Duplicate Entries from an array using asList()

5.To find Duplicate Entries from a Treeset using Unique()

6.To create a Treeset with Comparator

7.TreeSet with comparator by user define objects.

8.To get subset from sorted set

9.To get least value element from a set

10.To get highest value element from a set

11Program for creating binary search checked set display values in list of data using

   checkedSet(Set<E> s, Class<E> type)

12.The SortedSet interface extends Set and declares the behavior of a set sorted in ascending order                   using synchronizedSortedSet(SortedSet<T> s)


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