Java servlet tutorial and example

Introduction to Java Servlet tutorial

For providing a dynamic response to the user’s request. Java servlet code (server-side code) running on the web server to make a response to more dynamics. Users passing request message via the server, and the server returns a response message as illustrated.

What is Servlet and difference between JSP and Servlet?

Servlet hello world example

Servlet form data example

Servlet life cycle example

doGet vs doPost – Soon

Servlet Redirect example

Request dispatcher forward and include

Servlet Session management – Soon

Servlet Cookies

Url Rewriting

Hidden form fields

Servlet HttpSession

Servlet Filter

Servlet Listener

load-on-startup in Servlet

More Examples:

Cookie login and logout session

Servlet File download

Servlet File Upload

HttpSession Login and logout

Login page with MySQL database

Simple registration form example

Registration form in JSP with database connectivity

Simple login example using Servlet and JSP

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