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Spring boot devtools created for making spring boot development in a more productive way. By adding a simple dependency. Spring Boot detects and auto-configures DevTools accordingly.

Spring boot automatic restart devtools eclipse maven

Spring Boot includes an additional set of tools that can make the application development time a little more faster by reducing its restart time.

To include devtools support, simply add the below dependency to your pom.xml


Gradle devtools build plugin

dependencies {

Spring boot devtools properties

spring.devtools.livereload.enabled=true # Enable a livereload.com compatible server.
spring.devtools.livereload.port=35729 # Server port.
spring.devtools.restart.additional-exclude= # Additional patterns that should be excluded from triggering a full restart.
spring.devtools.restart.additional-paths= # Additional paths to watch for changes.
spring.devtools.restart.enabled=true # Enable automatic restart.
spring.devtools.restart.exclude=META-INF/maven/**,META-INF/resources/**,resources/**,static/**,public/**,templates/**,**/*Test.class,**/*Tests.class,git.properties # Patterns that should be excluded from triggering a full restart.
spring.devtools.restart.poll-interval=1000 # Amount of time (in milliseconds) to wait between polling for classpath changes.
spring.devtools.restart.quiet-period=400 # Amount of quiet time (in milliseconds) required without any classpath changes before a restart is triggered.
spring.devtools.restart.trigger-file= # Name of a specific file that when changed will trigger the restart check. If not specified any classpath file change will trigger the restart.

spring.devtools.remote.context-path=/.~~spring-boot!~ # Context path used to handle the remote connection.
spring.devtools.remote.debug.enabled=true # Enable remote debug support.
spring.devtools.remote.debug.local-port=8000 # Local remote debug server port.
spring.devtools.remote.proxy.host= # The host of the proxy to use to connect to the remote application.
spring.devtools.remote.proxy.port= # The port of the proxy to use to connect to the remote application.
spring.devtools.remote.restart.enabled=true # Enable remote restart.
spring.devtools.remote.secret= # A shared secret required to establish a connection (required to enable remote support).
spring.devtools.remote.secret-header-name=X-AUTH-TOKEN # HTTP header used to transfer the shared secret.



Spring devtools example


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