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Vector Example Program for removeElementAt(int index)

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@author: candidjava
@description: removeElementAt(int index) is used to Deletes the component at the specified index and return new elements
import java.util.*;

public class DeeRemoveElementAtVector {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		Vector v = new Vector();// create the vector
		v.add('d');// add the elements
		v.add('e'); // add the elements
		v.add('e'); // add the elements
		v.add('p'); // add the elements
		v.add('a'); // add the elements
		v.add('n'); // add the elements
		System.out.println("the elements are: " + v);// to print the vector
							// elements
		v.removeElementAt(3);// to remove 3rd position element
		System.out.println("after removed");
		System.out.println("the new elements are: " + v);// to print new
								// elements

the elements are: [d, e, e, p, a, n]
after removed
the new elements are: [d, e, e, a, n]

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