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What is Selenium

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• Javascript framework that runs in your web-browser

• Works anywhere Javascript is supported

• Hooks for many other languages

• Java, Ruby, Python

• Can simulate a user navigating through pages and then assert for specific marks on the pages

• All you need to really know is HTML to start using it right away

This tutorial builds a test of the Calendar application. The tutorial will show how to use the test for regression and smoke testing. Then the tutorial will repurpose the test as a load and performance test and business service monitor.




The tutorial will make use of Selenium support in PushToTest TestMaker. Selenium is a popular and widely used open-source Web test suite development tool that works well with Ajax applications. Selenium enables testers to build functional tests of Ajax applications in a Firefox-based graphical test development environment. Playback these tests in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and other browsers. Then repurpose the same tests as functional tests, load and performance tests, and business service monitors in the TestMaker distributed test environment.




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